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The RFA Reunion, our annual get-together and the most important element on our annual calendar is held each year in May

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Follow the Fleet on AIS Courtesy of Marine Traffic.com

The ship's positions are only as good as the last received position, click on the vessel of interest for those details.


AIS Coverage is not totally worldwide, the map below shows the extent of the coverage.

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Published on Saturday, 20 October 2012 18:05

The RFAA Offices in the Semaphore Tower have been re-assigned to BAE Systems and our Archive and registered Charity Office have been moved to

Room 15
Building 1/078
Stony Lane
PP 15
HM Naval Base

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Trustees of the RFA Association



Constitutional Stand Down Date

Ray Bennett 


Completes 9 years at AGM 2022

Peter Fry

Deputy Chairman/ Treasurer

Completes 9 years at AGM 2021

Robin Lock

Non-Executive Corporate Fund Raiser

Robert Settle


Completes 9 years at AGM 2023

Keith Escott


Completes 6 years at AGM 2023

Ian Thompson


Completes 6 years at AGM 2021

Martin Troman Trustee and Welfare Director Completes 6 years at AGM 2025

Pat Thompson

Trustee Ceremonial Director, Webmaster

Completes 6 years at AGM 2026



Ex-Officio Trustees

Gapped Billet

Appointed by COMRFA

Helen Grace




The 6 period of trusteeship can be extended a further 3 years to a total of 9 years but the Trustee must be endorsed by ballot of the membership at the AGM in each of those 3 years

Welfare Officer's position  is temporarily gapped, welfare matters will be dealy with by the Chairman until a new appointment is made.

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The 6 period of trusteeship can be extended a further 3 years to a total of 9 years but the Trustee must be endorsed by ballot of the membership at the AGM in each of those 3 years

Updated post AGM 2017.

Corrected 12/1/21


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The national standard of the RFA Association is a powerful and unifying symbol which was approved in 2005 by the First Sea Lord. It was consecrated on the RFA Centenary on 3rd August with the moving prayer you see below. This is for use on important national occasions of ceremony and remembrance, and was paraded publicly for the first time at Tower Hill on Merchant Navy Day, the 4th of September 2005. An important day indeed, presided over by Commodore Thornton, and the ceremony included the consecration of the new Falklands Memorial to those seamen who lost their lives in that conflict. Many of those, of course, were from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary: The Centenary Scroll device reflects the date of consecration and gives recognition to the collective value efforts and sacrifice of those serving over the-last 100 years. In the following year the Plymouth and District Branch standard was consecrated on Sea Sunday, 9th July and the London Branch standard prior to Merchant Navy Day in London on 3rd September.

“We dedicate and set apart this standard to be a symbol of the life and service of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association. Bless, O Lord all Members of the RFA Association, and prosper their work in support of the men and women of the RFA, and their families, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord”

3rd August 2005

Published on Saturday, 01 January 2011 00:00