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Crossed the Bar

Published on Friday, 17 September 2021 20:01 Hits: 1399

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Sitrep 1 Steve Southam Funeral.

It is with much sadness that I report the passing of

Surgeon Chief Officer Niall Mackenzie RFA(Retd) (Member 0798)

CPO(Cook) Steve Southam, not a member of our Association but a member of the RFA Family nevertheless]

SG1A Ross Simpson not a member of our Association but a member of the RFA Family nevertheless and who died in Service.

In each case the details I have are very sketchy and I have spent some considerable time researching their family/NOK but to no avail so what you see is all I have got.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So taking each in turn.

Doctor Mackenzie. Lived in Wivelisdcombe, Somerset. His widow phoned a few days ago to inform the Plymouth branch of his passing which is understood to have occured in the summer of last year.

Steve Southam, who lived in Topsham near Exeter and died on Sunday 12th September 2020 

Sitrep1  Steve crossed te bar aged 59 on Sunday 5th Sewptember. At time of wrinting (23 Sep21) I am informed by his brother Dave that they are awaiting the result of a Coroner's Inquest and when Steve's body is released the family are intending to have aprivate, simple cremation followed by the comittal of Steve's ashes to the sea,

Ross Simpson who crossed the bar on 14 Sept 2020 aged 63. His last ship was RFA Mounts Bay and he lived in Edinburgh. There will be no funeral service as he has donated his body to medical science, but his widow, Fiona, has informed COMRFA that there will be a memorial service in due course.

As (and if) further information becomes available I will post it  but I am still looking for photoraphs of the individual and especially a phone number for their family/NOK. If you can help please contact me at captain.pat@rfa-association.org.uk

On behalf of the RFA Association I offer sincere condolences to all their families.



 CPO(Cook) Steve Southham