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Trustees Meet in Semaphore Tower.

Published on Tuesday, 28 August 2012 16:13 Hits: 1438

Category: Association News

RFAA Trustees Hold the August Meeting in the New HQ

15th August 2012. Taking Advantage of the facilities now available in  the trustees of the Association hold the Semaphore Tower inaugural meeting. 

Resulting from that meeting we are pleased to welcome recently retired Captain (LS) Robin Lock as a new trustee to the board with special responsibilities as Corporate Fundraiser.

Richard Fernley former Corporate Fundraiser has been sucessful in wining a major contract from the Government of Namibia which will see him spending the next 18 months in Windhoek and has stood down as a trustee due to the pressure of work this contract will place upon him. On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the RFA Association I wish him every sucess in this new and very exciting endeavour.

Clockwise around the table:-

Richard Fernley, Ian Boyle , Dave Gatenby, George Mason, Peter Fry,Robin Lock, Rupert Drew, Pam Axworthy and
 our Chairman Frank Andrews.