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COMRFAs Cascade Briefing May 2020

Published on Sunday, 10 May 2020 12:27 Hits: 2167

Category: General News

cb052020COMRFA has agreed to pass the Cascade Briefing on to us which is absolutely brilliant. This is what Gunline and Force 4 have evolved into.  It is sent by email to all serving personnel and is aimed at them, but it gives Association members an insight into how the service is run now and how things have evolved since most of us have retired.  The RFAA will have a page in the next edition.

This and subsequent postings will be found from the Home Page at Main->COMRFA's->Cascade Brief and links to this page will be inserted on the RFAA Facebook pages.

If you have any problem's accessing it please contact me at captain.pat@rfa-association.org.uk or by phone, number in the Year Book.

icon Cascade Brief May 2020 (4.79 MB)