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The RFA Reunion, our annual get-together and the most important element on our annual calendar is held each year in May

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A Christmas Message from the Chairman

Published on Thursday, 19 December 2019 11:52 Hits: 7412

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Christmas is fast approaching…and it starts too early, but that’s just my view! The Association branches have been busy throughout the year. Mostly with the very important social occasions, but also at the various memorials around the country and not forgetting an excellent Reunion Dinner.

The Trustees have continued to meet as required by our constitution. The most recent one centrally held in Birmingham. An eventful travelling day, having picked the one day the tracks were flooded. However, the required business was achieved, including a review of our policies. These new and updated documents will be posted to our website once they’ve been ‘topped and tailed’. A list of these documents will be included in the annual mailing (sent out at the end of February).

During the year we have lost some members to age and ill health, and my condolences go to all the families. We do our best to mark the passing of our friends and colleagues with, at least, an ensign being made available as a coffin drape should the family so wish. On the positive side our membership has increased slightly. We also continue to assist those in need. This is an important part of our remit and is taken very seriously.

In November Brian Taylor stood down as our National Standard Bearer. Brian served in this role for over 10 years. On behalf of the Association I thank him for his service. London Branch Standard bearer Gordon Monks has taken on the National role.

It just leaves me to wish everyone of you a very merry and peaceful Christmas, and a happy New Year!

Ray Bennett

A rare photgraph of Santa leaving Tidespring after a very busy "sesh" with the 12-4 Club

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