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CPO(Carpenter) James Linton RFA(Retd) Crossed the Bar Sitrep 1 (198)

Published on Friday, 22 March 2019 14:19 Hits: 1211

Category: Crossed the Bar

Half Mast

Sitrep 1 Funeral Arrangements,

I have just received a report from CPO(Deck) RFA(Retd) Graham Mackenzie that CPO(Carpenter) James (Jimmy) Linton Crossed the Bar this morning (22 March 2019). I have no more information at the moment but am on the case and will sitrep this page as more details become available.

Sitrep 1,

LintonJimmy's funeral will be held at Seafield Crematorium, Edinburgh (HERE for their website and HERE for a map) on Monday 8th April at 12:00. More details after I speak to Jimmy's Brother later today (26 MARCH 2019),

On behalf of the RFA Association I offer my sincere condolences to all Jimmy's family.

If you have any remembrances of Jimmy please email it to me at captain.pat@rfa-association.org.uk and I will post them on this page. I am also looking for photographs of Jimmy for this piece and the RFA Association Gallery and Archive, if you have one please email it to me.