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The RFA Reunion, our annual get-together and the most important element on our annual calendar is held each year in May

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RFAA DIY Calendar 2018

Published on Saturday, 02 December 2017 11:30 Hits: 1844

Category: General News

The Official RFA Association Calendar 2018

RFAACThe 2018 RFAA Calendar is free to and available to download and print. I recomend it is printed on 200 gsm coated stock which is readily available at the likes of Rymans, Ebay or your local stationary shop. George Mortimore, who provided most of the photographs for the calendar also said that his local printer would bind it for him.

icon 2018 Calendar (5.44 MB)


Also included on this page are two RFAA DIY Christmas cards.

icon Crimbo Card 1 (72.47 kB)

icon Crimbo Card 2 (74.37 kB)

The three files are in PDF format so you will need a PDF viewer to see and print them. If you haven't already got a PDF viewer you can download one, for free, from either ADOBE or Foxit, any problems give me a shout.